Christmas Greetings to you all

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Christmas Greeting to you all from Finlay Banks in Christchurch, New Zealand. Another year has almost passed with many guests crossing our door step. We have enjoyed your company and sharing all your travel experiences. We are envious of you all, but enjoy sharing our home and knowledge of where to go and what to see in our beautiful country. Here at Finlay Banks we have been busy with friends and family. Our 2 grandsons are growing up very quickly with Liam turning 6 on the 29th and Nate turning 2 last August. What a joy it is to see the excited children at Christmas time, it is what Christmas is all about. The BBQ has been cleaned and ready for the summer action. It's the best time of the year with lots of sunshine, a few wines and sharing the Christmas cheer with our loved ones. It's time to wrap all the presents and get them under the tree all ready for the big day. We hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year with family and friends and that 2014 is healthy and prosperous for you all. Thanks to all those that posted a review of your stay on Trip Advisor, it has certainly helped other traveller's make the choice to stay with us. If you are considering a return trip to New Zealand or friends and family are choosing to travel here then please consider Finlay Banks Boutique Bed & Breakfast for your accommodation in Christchurch. We would open our home to you all.

Hello world from Finlay Banks.

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Welcome to Finlay Banks 1st blog. After a combined effort with Tomahawk we now have a new website with lots of swishy functions. This being one. Having stayed away from social media for as long as we could, we were convinced to start a blog to spread the word about us. Firstly thanks to Tomahawk for all the hard work and support in getting us this far. They are a great team with plenty of patience for non techo people like ourselves. No doubt we will be calling on their expertise in the future to sort things out. We have been operating the B&B for the last 5 years and are enjoying immensely being hosts to travellers from around the world. This month and next it will be like the united nations with those guests that will be staying. We thank those guests who have stayed with us and posted great reviews on tripadvisor. We are sure they have helped others make the right decision in choosing to stay with us. We will attempt to keep you all updated about us and our progress with the B&B and events and developments happening in our city.